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Villeneuve-Saint-Georges is a charming commune located in the Île-de-France region of France. With a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, this town offers a unique blend of heritage and modernity. Situated on the banks of the Seine River, the picturesque landscape provides a serene environment for its residents and visitors alike. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges boasts a range of amenities and facilities, including schools, shops, and recreational areas, making it an attractive place to live. The town’s strategic location also provides easy access to the bustling city of Paris, as well as other major transportation hubs. Additionally, the cultural scene in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges flourishes, with museums, art galleries, and theaters showcasing the region’s artistic talent. Overall, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges offers a high quality of life, combining historical charm with modern convenience.

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What is the population of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges?

Population of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges

Villeneuve-Saint-Georges has a population of around 34,000 residents.