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Kourou, located on the northeastern coast of French Guiana, is renowned for being the home of the European Spaceport. The facility, operated by the European Space Agency, has been active since the 1960s and is responsible for launching satellites, space probes, and rockets into orbit. The strategic location of Kourou, near the equator, provides an advantage for space launches, as it allows rockets to take advantage of Earth’s rotational speed to achieve greater thrust. The European Spaceport has contributed significantly to the region’s economy, attracting businesses and creating local employment opportunities. Moreover, Kourou offers a range of tourism activities, including visits to the Guiana Space Center, the Space Museum, and guided tours that provide visitors with unique insights into the field of space exploration.

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Kourou,French Guiana
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Frequently Asked Questions about Kourou, French Guiana

What is the location of Kourou?

Kourou is a town located in French Guiana, a region in South America. It is situated on the northeast coast of the continent, bordered by Brazil to the south and Suriname to the west.

Why is Kourou famous?

Kourou is famous for being the home of the Guiana Space Centre, a major European spaceport. It is one of the primary sites for satellite launches and space research in the world. The presence of the space center has put Kourou on the global map and attracts scientists, engineers, and space enthusiasts from around the world.

What other attractions are there in Kourou?

Apart from the Guiana Space Centre, Kourou offers other attractions for visitors. Some notable places to visit include the Îles du Salut (Salvation Islands) which consist of three small islands – Île Royale, Île du Diable, and Île Saint-Joseph. These islands served as a French penal colony in the 19th century and are now popular tourist destinations. Additionally, Kourou has beautiful beaches, such as Plage des Roches and Plage Pim-Poum.