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Évreux, located in the Haute-Normandie region of France, is a historic and vibrant city that offers a rich cultural experience for residents and visitors alike. With a population of approximately 50,000 people, Évreux boasts an impressive array of architectural marvels, including the majestic Évreux Cathedral. This Gothic masterpiece is a must-see for enthusiasts of religious and architectural history. The city also offers a number of fascinating museums, such as the Musée d’Évreux, which displays an exceptional collection of archaeological artifacts and art pieces. Additionally, Évreux is known for its stunning natural beauty, with picturesque parks and gardens like the Jardins de l’Évêché providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city center. Whether it’s exploring the city’s rich heritage, indulging in delectable local cuisine, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere, Évreux promises a memorable experience for all.

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Things to do in Évreux,Haute-Normandie

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Cinéma Pathé Evreux
Cinéma Pathé Evreux
9 reviews
Rue du 7ème Chasseur, 27000 Évreux, France
Ancien Evêché – Musée d’Evreux
Ancien Evêché - Musée d'Evreux
3 reviews
Naturopathic/Holistic, Museums
6 Rue Charles Corbeau, 27000 Évreux, France
Centre Ville D Evreux
Centre Ville D Evreux
3 reviews
3 rue chartraine, 27000 Évreux, France

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FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main attractions in Évreux, Haute-Normandie?

Évreux, Haute-Normandie offers a range of delightful attractions. Some of the main ones include:

Évreux Cathedral, Évreux Museum of Fine Arts, Château du Buisson de May, Hôtel de Ville, and the

Jardin botanique de l’État. These attractions showcase the rich history and natural beauty of the


What is the best time to visit Évreux, Haute-Normandie?

The best time to visit Évreux, Haute-Normandie is during the months of May to September. These

months offer pleasant weather with mild temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the city and

enjoying outdoor activities. Additionally, various festivals and events take place during this time,

providing a vibrant cultural experience.

Where can I find good accommodations in Évreux, Haute-Normandie?

Évreux, Haute-Normandie offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and

budgets. Some recommended places to stay include Hotel de l’Orme, Best Western Plus Palais des

Congrès, and Hotel Kyriad Evreux La Madeleine. These provide comfortable rooms, convenient

locations, and excellent amenities.