Train travel is all the information to travel to, from and in France

Train travel with the Eurostar at the gare du Nord train staion in Paris ready for embarking across the channel to London, UK

Train travel with the Eurostar at the gare du Nord train staion in Paris ready for embarking across the channel to London, UK

Travelling by train includes bordering countries using the French and European train systems. This includes, train stations, train lines, train reservations, luggage storage, lost and found and much more.


Train travel is organized around two sections:

  • Train stations
  • Train lines (coming soon)
  1. Train Stations
    This section has six parts that cover all you need to know to use the train to travel around France

    1. Train Station: Presentation, location including open hours
  2. Train Tickets:
    1. Train ticket counters and their open hours. Automatic Train Ticket vending machine availability and the type of train tickets sold (National on Intercite trains, Regional tickets on TER, Local tickets on suburban trains and local transport like the metro or tramway).
    2. Train ticket links for city-to-city train travel tickets purchased via internet in your country before departure.
    3. Train pass links for train passes purchased via internet in your country before departure.
    4. Seat reservation links if you already have a train pass, to reserve seats on specific trains before departure
    5. Ticket purchases and reservations for groups of 10 or more travelers with discounts from a dedicated agent in your own language.
    6. Great Train voyages where everything is organized for you, with your own guide and personalized service
  3. Train itineraries
    1. International train routes: TGV to bordering countries,
      1. Eurostar to the UK from the Gare du Nord train station
      2. Thalys to Belgium and Holland also from the Gare du Nord
      3. ICE to Germany from the Gare de l’Est train station
      4. TGV Italia to Italy from the Gare de Lyon train station
      5. Lyria to Switzerland from the Gare de Lyon train staion
      6. Ellipsos to Spain fromĀ  the Gare Montparnasse
    2. National train routes: From a particular station to the rest of France
      1. CDG train station to all major cities in France
      2. Gare du Nord for trains to the North of France: Lille,
      3. Gare de l’Est for trains from Paris to the East of France: Strasbourg, Nancy
      4. Gare de Lyon to the South East of France including the Alps: Avignon, Nice, Marseilles, Grenoble,
      5. Gare de Bercy mainly for Autotrains to the South of France:
      6. Gare d’Austerlitz for trains to the centre and SW of France: Bourges
      7. Gare Montparnasse for trains to the West of France: Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lourdes
      8. Gare Saint Lazare for trains to the NW of France: Normandy, Le Havre, Brittany, Rennes, Quimper
    3. Regional train routes: from the hubs of France Regions
      1. Lille
      2. Paris
      3. Paris Airport
      4. Rennes
      5. Strasbourg
      6. Tours
      7. Dijon
      8. Lyon
      9. Bordeaux
      10. Avignon
      11. Marseille
      12. Montpellier
      13. Nice
    4. Suburban train routes: around major cities
      1. Paris R
        1. RER A, B, C, D, E
        2. Line F, H, J, K, L, M, N, P
  4. Local Transport to, from around each train station
    1. Metro – in major cities
      1. Paris
      2. Lille
    2. Bus
      1. National
      2. Regional
      3. Local
    3. Shuttle Services: Car, Minivan, Bus, Taxis
      1. Airport
      2. Major sites (Disneyland, Resort…)
    4. Car
      1. Rental
      2. Parking
    5. Bicycles, Motorcycles, Scooters
      1. Rental
      2. Parking
  5. Train station services and amenities
    1. Luggage storage
    2. Lost and found
    3. Services: WC, mailbox, Tel, Wifi, infoboards
    4. Shops and Food
  6. Tourist Info
    1. Do / see: activities and event nearby
    2. Sleep: Lodgings nearby
    3. Eat: Restaurants nearby