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    Gare Rosa-Parks Train Station

    The train station Rosa-Parks, originally named Évangile being close to the street named Évangile, is a French railway station in North-East Paris on the RER line E, on the boundary between the 18th and 19th arrondissements (districts), it opened on 13 December 2015. It is located near a now closed station: Est-Ceinture which was a small passenger station on the line: Petite Ceinture de Paris. It is in zone: 1 (tarification Île-de-France) with coordinates 48° 53′ 48″ North, 2° 22′ 24″ East with an altitude of null. It is on the train lines Paris-Est Strasbourg-Ville and Paris-Est Mulhouse-Ville with 2 tracks and 1 platform.