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    Gare de Paris-Montparnasse Train Station

    The train station Paris-Montparnasse, also called the gare Montparnasse, is one of the seven major Parisian terminus railway stations. It is located at Montparnasse, on the left bank (rive gauche) of the Seine, straddling the 14th and 15th arrondissements (districts), in the areas known as Plaisance and Necker. It is in zone: 1 (tarification Île-de-France) with coordinates 48° 50′ 28″ North, 2° 19′ 14″ East and an altitude of 63 m. It is on the train lines Paris-Montparnasse <=> Brest with 28 (plus sidings) tracks and 15 (13 central plus 2 side) platforms serving 53 890 474 passengers (2015) per year.