Why another site about France?

Because there’s no other site with the France Travel information you’ll find here.

This site is specifically dedicated to travel in France. Mainly by Train.

Europe and France in particular have developed train travel to an art.

While North America uses planes and cars, Europe and France use trains.

From highspeed train travel to conventional rail to suburban trains. It is the safest, most ecological, comfortable and economical way to move large groups of people around. Both for society and individuals, train travel is a win-win situation.


FranceTravelHolidays is designed for those who want to better understand train travel in France. Those who want all the details in one place, to enhance their travel experience.  You want quick, direct answers to all your questions regarding your France travel.

And, if we don’t have answers, we’ll tell you where you can easily find them. Generally at a tourist office for which we’ll give you the details so you can easily move on.

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